Ben Mackie: Providing Personal Training Since 2013

Ben Mackie Fitness was started in 2013. Ben is originally from England and served for 10 years in the British army as a physical training instructor and professional soccer player. After the army, Ben attended the reputable Premier Training International School of Personal Training in England and received his certification in personal training and sports massage therapy. Ben then moved to the United States and began personal training in the L.A area before continuing training in Stockton, CA. During this time, he still played professional soccer, as well as serving as a physical training instructor in the British Army. Ben also played soccer for the army and has continued to play professionally here in the U.S.



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Professional Personal Trainers for Your Best Fitness Results

For your premium one-on-one fitness training in San Joaquin Valley, CA, Ben Mackie Fitness has a staff of personal trainers with specialized skills and their own personal education and experiences to get into the best shape. From college degrees in physical fitness to athletic histories in various sports, our personal trainers have an understanding of the body’s mechanics and what’s needed to improve its physical performance. They will help you find the perfect fitness plan customized to your abilities and goals, so you can live happily with a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Custom Fitness Training at a Private Fitness Club

Your personal fitness training will be handled one-on-one in our fully-equipped private fitness club. Once you’ve chosen your trainer, your custom workout routine will be led with the care and attention to your safety and progress to attaining your fitness goals. Whether you’re here to lose weight and establish a healthier lifestyle, or you’re a seasoned athlete looking to push your skills and performance to the next level, Ben Mackie Fitness is ready to get you moving forward to a fitter, healthier, happier you. For questions about our services or to schedule your own personalized fitness assessment, call us today!