Enhance Your Pickleball Game

Enhance Your Pickleball Game: Essential Mobility and Strength Exercises for Players 40+ in Stockton

In the heart of Stockton, California, pickleball is not just a sport—it's a burgeoning community passion, especially among those aged 40 and above. This paddle sport, which combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, offers a unique blend of fun, competitive spirit, and physical activity. However, as we age, maintaining mobility and strength becomes crucial to not only excel in sports like pickleball but also to enjoy them injury-free. That's why we've compiled a list of essential exercises designed specifically to boost your game and shield you from common injuries.

Understanding the Needs of the 40+ Pickleball Player:

For the 40+ athlete, staying competitive in pickleball demands more than just practice and strategy; it requires a focused approach to physical conditioning. Challenges such as decreased flexibility and a higher risk of injuries call for a tailored exercise regimen. Let's dive into how you can adapt your workout routine to meet these needs.

Mobility Exercises for Pickleball Players:

Dynamic Warm-Ups: Begin each session with leg swings and arm circles to prepare your body for the game ahead. These movements enhance your range of motion, making those quick lateral moves and serves smoother and more efficient.

Flexibility Drills: Incorporate stretches that target the shoulders, hips, and calves into your daily routine. Improved flexibility in these key areas not only boosts your performance but also minimizes the risk of strains and sprains.

Strength Training to Elevate Your Game:

Core Strengthening: A strong core is vital for pickleball. Exercises like planks and Russian twists will improve your balance, stabilize your shots, and add power to your serves and volleys.

Leg Strength: Quick, agile movements are essential in pickleball. Squats and lunges will build the leg strength needed for those sudden sprints and stops, ensuring your legs can carry you through the most intense matches.

Upper Body Conditioning: Don't overlook the importance of arm, shoulder, and back strength. Regularly performing exercises tailored to these areas will enhance your serving power and volleying precision.

Incorporating Exercises into Your Routine:

Creating a balanced weekly exercise plan that includes these mobility and strength training exercises, while allowing for adequate rest and recovery, can significantly impact your pickleball performance. Remember, consistency is key to seeing results on and off the court.


Pickleball players in Stockton, 40 and older, now have a roadmap to elevate their game and play without fear of injury. By integrating these mobility and strength exercises into your routine, you'll not only see improvements in your performance but also in your overall health and well-being. At Ben Mackie Fitness, we're committed to helping you reach your goals, whether you're stepping onto the pickleball court for the first time or looking to take your game to the next level.

Join us today, and let's make every game your best yet.  To book your first training, email our pickleball training specialist Jesse

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